Our favorite visual guide to building a balanced vegan meal: The Plant Plate

The Plant Plate by Virginia Messina MPH, RD

For a detailed description on how to read the plant plate click here

[Image property of Virginia Messina and TheVeganRD.com]

Vegan friendly doctor directories


A great directory for finding a doctor in your area with experience and understanding of vegan or vegetarian diets. (US only)

Another very complete list of US plant-based doctors by Happy Herbivore

Plant-based registered dietitians who offer in-person or skype consultations


Dietitian Nutritionist Taylor Wolfram MS RDN LDN

Offers great resources and online virtual consultations

Our favorite reference websites for vegan nutrition, supplements, nutrient sources and a kind approach to wellness and health


Great information on supplement and nutrient requirements by registered dietitian Jack Norris RD

Registered Dietitian Virginia Messina MPH, RD

Great articles and resources on vegan nutrition. The creator of The Plant Plate, our favorite visual guide to building a balanced vegan meal

We will add more as we encounter them. Feel free to leave us your favorite resources in the comments below!