Our Free and Paid Online Program and Courses


Our signature online program My Brownble

Our big Kahuna! Our signature online program designed to help you learn how to cook vegan and improve your relationship with food.

It's a video-based program designed to go with you on your vegan journey. We do this by focusing on two main topics, food and well-being. We will flood your kitchen with an ever-growing library of step by step cooking videos in the form of recipes, tips, batch cooking sessions and more. Then, we support you on your journey with in-depth videos on finding balance and getting a new outlook on life that will finally get you creating healthy habits that last you a lifetime. We teach you how balance is everything. How you can indulge in your favorites and still prioritize your health. No diets. No deprivation. REAL FOOD.

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Our FREE Plant Based Eating on a Budget Course

with the Food Choices Academy For Health Studies

Learn the basics of eating plant based without breaking the bank or seeing an increase in your grocery budget with this amazing free course. Learn all the basics, from budgeting, to getting organized, meal planning and batch cooking basics, to navigating the store, taking advantage of sales and seasonality, learning new ways to shop, making delicious and inexpensive meals for the week and much more.


Our Starter Kit to Eating a Healthy Diet Course

with the Food Choices Academy for Health Studies

In this course, we’re turning healthy eating on its head, by diving deep into many of the issues we face daily that keep us from making healthier habits stick. From organization, meal planning and batch cooking staples for delicious plant based eating, learning how to revamp leftovers to make your life easier in the kitchen, to getting all the tools and ideas for assembling quick and easy meals throughout the week, and much more.