Here are some of our favorite videos, perfect for when you need a little source of inspiration, motivation or information. They are placed here in no particular order and range from the practical aspects of going vegan, what you can expect when you make the transition, the health benefits of the diet, animal rights, environmentalism and much more.

Author and vegan educator Colleen Patrick Goudreau

...on the excuses we make for not going vegan


Actress, activist and author Alicia Silverstone

...on her book The Kind Diet and her story and experiences going vegan


Best-selling author and vegan educator Kathy Freston in TEDx

... on her journey to veganism and how anyone can do it


Best-selling author and vegan educator Victoria Moran

...on being a Main Street vegan (a.k.a veganism made practical and actionable for anyone, anywhere) (PART 1)


(PART 2)


Expert in the latest research in nutrition Dr. Michael Greger, MD

... on Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death and their relation to diet (a must watch!)


Expert in the latest research in nutrition Dr. Michael Greger, MD

...on preventing the most common diseases through diet


Philanthropist and activist Phillip Wollen

... on why we should stop eating animals in the famous "Animals should be off the menu debate" (segment only, complete debate below)


Full debate: "Animals should be off the menu"


Psychologist and author Melanie Joy

...on why we love dogs, eat pigs, and wear cows: The Psychology of eating Meat and the concept of Carnism


More coming as they become available. Feel free to tell us about any great ones we might have missed in the comments below! And leave us any questions or comments you might have.