Enjoy our favorite free at home yoga workouts, from very gentle yoga for relaxation to a total workout, yoga flows and more. Please note that I'm not affiliated with any of these programs, I'm just a fan, and please remember to always consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine.

Yoga with a View with Colleen Saidman Yee

Amazing, delicious 20 minute flow sequences with one of the best yoga teachers out there. Do a quick one after a workout or do several videos one after the other for a complete practice.

Our favorite yoga with a view workouts:

20 minute class focusing on lengthening the side body

My favorite relaxation practice

20 minute sequence focusing on heart openers and getting an energy boost

20 minute yoga class focusing on standing poses

Yoga with Adrienne

This amazingly cool actress and yogi teaches us how to find what feels good. Perfect classes for when you want a gentler practice that just feels amazing! A must watch!

Our favorite yoga with Adrienne videos:

Vinyasa flow practice for weight loss

No fear yoga (I mean, the name alone!)

Power yoga

Plain bliss: "I enjoy"

Shiva Rae

Yoga flows that incorporate free movement and dance from one of the top yogis in the world.

Our favorite yoga workouts from Shiva Rae

Morning energy practice - Shakti Flow

Flow yoga for beginners

Earth flow practice


One of the most renowned yoga teachers and a personal favorite of mine, Rodney Yee, and even more teachers such as the amazing Seane Corn as part of GAIAM yoga.

A 50 minute accelerated class

Gentle Relaxation Yoga

Seane Corn with an amazing yoga flow